08 May 2016

Re-rigging Day 7-8: Hauled out, ready to go

It finally stops blowing on Saturday, but there is nothing much to do aboard. Engineer goes to Map 11 (Moonah) to make assorted essential purchases for the week ahead.
On Sunday it isn't blowing, isn't raining, there isn't a tide running, so when the bosun suggests that we come up on the slip a day early, we rapidly ready the boat and slip out of the berth, round the marina and into the cradle. When she is hauled out we find that the hull is pretty clean, but we scrub as much of the slime and weed off as we can without stripping off all the anti-fouling as well. We're then shifted down to the end of the slipyard, ready for the crane in the morning.
We finally make contact with Steve, Nahani's builder today, who confirms that there is a single run of wire from VHF radio to the antenna atop the mast, so the engineer will have to cut and join. Steve also suggests that we remove the plates at the ends of the shrouds which were originally put there to make it easier to lower the mast, something we doubt we will ever do. And he tells us that the forestay is made of special dy-formed wire, which is stronger than the normal rigging wire. We pass this on to the rigger, who tells us he thinks he has some, but that it will be much more expensive (surprise, surprise). But we want to keep Nahani up to her original over-engineered standard, so if he has some, we will use it.
It starts to rain again this evening, and for the first time ever we have water coming into the boat. The engineer pulled the wires up through the deck last thing today, and although he thought he'd plugged the hole completely with a cork and tape, we have drips coming from the mast step.
Pretty clean, after having her bottom scrubbed

Tomorrow, that big thing sticking up will be removed.


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