05 May 2016

Re-rigging Day 4-5: Off with the boom

Wednesday continued cold and wet - no action. We woke on Thursday to sunshine and snow on Mount Wellington, lots of it. Neither snow nor sunshine lasted, but at least the wind dropped enough for us to pull out the headsail and take it off the furler. Then we tackled the boom, first unbolting the boom strut, then disconnecting the lazy jacks, pulling the mainsail out of the sail tracks, and finally disconnecting the goose neck. With the main halyard round the front of the boom and sail, and the topping lift on the back, we carefully swung the boom across to the side deck, lowered gently, then slid it aft out of the way of the rigging action.
We'd just got all this done when Ian the rigger appeared to start removing stays and shrouds. We took the HF aerial off the starboard backstay, then unhitched that. Next came a portside intermediate shroud. By then Ian realised that undoing the rigging screws was not going to be a long job, as they were probably treated with lanolin by Nahani's builder Steve when he first rigged her, and they turn easily. So after taping up the two wires he'd unhitched so they wouldn't blow about, he left again.
Lowering the boom

Unscrewing a backstay...

...and then a shroud.


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