03 May 2016

Re-rigging Day 3: Problems overcome

Ian the rigger calls this morning and we have a productive discussion on what will happen and when. Work will actually start on Thursday/Friday, disconnecting things before we go up on the slip on Monday.
On our way out to lunch, we call in at the bosun's office to check our slip booking. Yes, it's there, but to our horror we're booked on cradle 5, which is not nearly big enough. The bosun is most apologetic, and starts looking at the bookings on the two cradles that we can use. Both cradles are booked next week, but Anthony is hopeful that one of the bookings can be moved back a week. He calls Mark the Bilge Rat, who is due to work on the boat that Anthony wants to move. He comes by, and is very happy with the delay as he has too much work on. He rings the owner and talks him round and it's all fine, with much amusement from watching Mark teasing Anthony about his mistake. Mark having made the problem resolution look easy, Peter suggests that he might try peace in the Middle East next.
On return from lunch we find that the nut has arrived as promised (Australia Post can deliver if you pay them enough), so we are set to go. Just need the weather to improve - it's still blowing a gale.


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