06 May 2016

Re-rigging Day 6: Electrical investigations

Electrical cables which run up the mast have to be disconnected and pulled up on deck before the mast is removed. Captain investigates and labels the various light connections, then realises that there is another issue - the VHF radio aerial also runs up inside the mast. The long cable appears to go unbroken from the radio itself, down the back of the chart table, under the cabin sole, back up the side of the internal compression post under the mast where it joins the electrical cables in the conduit that goes through the deck. Pulling all that cabling out is not a sensible option, so it looks like we have to cut and join. Mate suggests that the captain call the builder before he does this, just to make sure there isn't already a plug connection somewhere we haven't yet found. Awaiting response.
Recording what's connected to what, before we disconnect.


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