10 May 2016

Re-rigging Day 10: Not much action

The engineer spends much of the day working on fittings for the various lights and instruments that go on the mast, necessitating yet another trip to Map 11. Even more time spent trying to pin down the flapping conduit inside the mast. Eventually bad light stops play.

Lining up for fine adjustment...
The riggers make a cameo appearance in the early afternoon, bringing back partly finished shrouds. Some are fed through the spreaders, then swaged, others have some 'fine adjustment' done to the end that hooks on to the mast. Then the new rigging is left in nice shiny coils under the boat.
Ian tells us that there is a bit more work to do on the furler, and that he'll be in touch in the morning to tells what happens next.

...that does it.
At this stage we're not sure whether he plans to put the mast back in place tomorrow or not.

Rains on and off all day, so ship's painter not game to put the anti-fouling on. The brief moment of sunshine which comes just as the riggers arrived produces a splendid rainbow.

Weather conditions force mate into domestic duties, saloon seat covers are washed, and two pairs of pants hemmed (one his, one hers).
Rainbow, taken from Nahani's deck
Still raining. Not particularly windy today, but occasional very strong gusts which shake the boat in the cradle. Hopefully if it's still blowing tomorrow, it's a steadier breeze.


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