23 February 2021

Heater project - getting the heat into the saloon: outlets and hoses

We have done some preliminary inspection and experimentation to work out where the hoses will go that transfer the heating fluid from the burner to the heat exchangers which blow heated air into the saloon.

The Ebersp├Ącher system has two outlets. We could fit both under the chart table, but we think it will be much better if we can locate one further forward in the saloon, near the door to the master cabin. There is an obvious place for it, but it's in a locker currently used to store wine, and we don't want to lose our wine cellar. After a bit of juggling the engineer finds it can be located partly in the locker and partly in the space where the port water tank is situated, with minimal impact on the wine storage capacity. If necessary we can also insulate it to prevent it from warming our wine more than is desirable. 

So we start on the next irreversible steps, cutting holes to mount the two outlets as planned, one at each end of the saloon area. The engineer mounts them temporarily, and they look fine.

The next step is to lay the PEX hose. The two outlets are connected in series, and of course there must be a return line for the fluid to go back to the burner for re-heating. That means one long run of hose from the further outlet all the way back to the burner,  and two shorter ones, one going from the burner to the nearer outlet, then one joining the two outlets.

We decide to start from the further outlet, and feed the long length all the way back to the burner. After a bit of juggling, and the drilling of some additional holes in the panel which separates the port side sea berth from the chart table, and in the vertical divisions between the cupboard and two sets of drawers under the chart table, we get the hose as far as the beginning of the head area. We previously managed to thread a garden hose from the burner area to this point and we've left a piece of string there as a "mouse", so we think we're doing well. But after a lot of pushing and pulling, we conclude we can't just continue to feed the hose all the way.

Feeding the PEX hose in from the forward end of the run,
past port side water and diesel tanks.

Plan B is to start feeding a length in from the burner area forward, with the intention of joining the two lengths in the middle. After a lot more pulling and pushing we finally get a length through to meet up with the first bit. BUT we are fairly sure we will not get a second one through the same route. So we started looking for alternatives, and now think that we might do better running both through the cupboards in the shed, rather than under the floor. That's Plan C, but before we can test it out, we have to take a break from the heater project for the Mast Pad Replacement project, which is much shorter, but more intense.


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