02 August 2011

Cooking with gas!

Stove Project: New stove "goes live"
Monday 1 August is our last day with our hire car, so we use it to provision the boat. Big supermarket trip, and when we've unloaded and packed the food away, we head down Tedder Avenue for lunch and to the BWS to restock the cellar. Then to Southern Stainless to get a bit of extra welding on the holder for the spare gas bottle, return the hire car, and back to Nahani in time to cook the first proper meal on the new stove. Oh the joy of not having to prime the burners, and no smell of kero. And to the cook's delight, the burners on the Force 10 stove are as fast or faster than the kero burners, and don't go out when turned down low. First meal uses cook top only, using frypan on the large burner and steamer on a small one.
Tuesday, cook uses the griller for the first time. No smoke from burning fat, and four lamb loin chops cook so quickly that she barely has time to get the veg cooked.
Next meal will test out the oven. Can't wait.

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Project complete!

Stove Project: Day 13
Another day beavering away getting the boat back to normal. Engineer spends most of the morning continuing to fit extra polystyrene around the refrigerator. Mate helps with putting fridge in, taking fridge out until all new insulation finally fitted and engineer bolts the fridge back in place, and then we refit the side and front panels. There are fragments of polystyrene everywhere, all over the floor, the walls, the engineer. Mate vacuums. And vacuums. Engineer moves on into the bed area, and slaves away again restoring the cedar panelling that was removed. Since it now has a gasline behind it, this requires a degree of modification and adjustment to allow the extra space for the new pipe. Once that's done, mate puts things away in the under-bed hatches, moves the mattress back out of the front cabin into the guest cabin and makes the bed. More vacuuming, removing ever more polystyrene which has spread through the boat. Finally, we tidy up all the tools, bits and pieces that have been used on the project and get them stowed away in their proper places in the "shed" (aka the aft starboard side cabin). We still haven't had time to shop, so it's back to the club for a carvery tea to get the strength for a last tidy up.

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