19 April 2022

Hull-blasting: Day 9

 After the Easter break, we're back to see what she looks like with the second coat of anti-fouling done. Answer: very sleek. And the raised water-line looks perfect.

Especially at the stern:

Today they have removed all the protective covering from the topsides and started on the paint repairs there. You can see where they are working on the bow, now smooth and free of dints caused by close encounters with jetties.

We're expecting/hoping that it will all be finished tomorrow, and she will be put back in the water on Thursday. Today we checked out the pen we are supposed to be moving in to, and the current occupant tells us that he's leaving Wednesday morning. We'll be down to take possession, even if only with the dinghy and kayaks. We plan to set up our lines so we're ready to go straight in on Thursday.


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