03 March 2021

Heater project: still only 95% complete

Leaks! We spend the day filling up the system and finding leaks, leaks and more leaks. If the engineer knew at the beginning what he now knows, he would have put two hose clamps on every hose. As it is, he tightens clamp after clamp, but still water trickles down the shed floor, and we have a bit of a leak under the chart table as well. Eventually he decides to move the entire unit in the shed, so that the hoses are under less pressure and the clamps are easier to get at.

There is a major interrupt late afternoon when he has a long Zoom meeting. By the end of the day, we reach the point where water is circulating through the system, hoses are getting warm, and the leaks seem finally to have stopped. But it's after 8pm before the engineer agrees to stop and eat dinner. After dinner he starts to get ready for bed, removes his trousers, but then decides to have one more go at topping up the fluid. He won't let me take a picture of him sitting in the shed, looking weary in his socks and jocks. So no pictures in this blog entry.

Time to call it a night, and try it out again in the morning. Weather is cold and windy, so the heater will be really welcome when it finally functions.


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