17 March 2021

Heater project: still going

One week and a day since the system started working. The engineer is still disappearing into the shed on a regular basis. Things are still coming out of the shed, being put back, then coming out again.


  • Plumbing - all done, nothing outstanding in construction, but we have yet to put coolant into the fluid in the system..
  • Fuel - all  done.
  • Electrical - connections have been tidied up and wires encased in cable protectors. The master on-off switch which was loose in a cupboard is now mounted on the bulkhead above the shore power charger in the shed. However there are still a collection of wires attached to the new controller hanging out of the shed cupboard. The controller needs to be relocated, but another length of wire is required to complete that exercise.
  • Exhaust - Friend Alan Perkins has offered to put a long thread on to a piece of pipe so that the engineer can fasten the exhaust using the technique he originally planned, of nuts tightened on the threaded pipe above and below the deck. Another piece of pipe has been ordered, is on its way. The thread cutting and re-fitting might not be completed on this trip.
  • Shed final arrangement. Shelves have been cut down to accommodate the burner and header tank. The engineer wants to put an alumnium screen between the end of the shelf and the heater apparatus to prevent things on the shelf from making contact with the burner. The aluminium mesh has been ordered, also on way.
One day, it WILL be 100% done...


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