24 March 2021

Heater project: keeping on keeping on.

 Another week passes, progress continues, but slowly...

  • Plumbing - coolant has been added and we are watching nervously for any sign of green liquid under the cabin sole or in the bilge. Nothing yet. Fingers crossed.
  • Fuel - as noted last week, all done
  • Electrical - controller not yet installed, although the extension of the cabling has been done.
  • Exhaust - New length of pipe arrives - now need to catch up with Alan Perkins and ask him to make good his offer of putting a long thread on it.
  • Shed final arrangement. The aluminium mesh arrives and is cut and fitted into the space in front of the burner.  Engineer decides that it needs framing - yet another trip to Bunnings for some aluminium edging. Another day's work and the mesh is framed up, and is fitted neatly in place. Engineer is now thinking about a way to fix the back corner firmly in place. Once that's done, we could put the shelf back, and then all the stuff currently in the guest cabin could return to the shed, hopefully for the last time.

It's a beautiful thing

Later... the engineer decided he could face another day in the shed after all. Cage is now fixed, shelf is back in place, the things that reside on the shelves are back, the guest cabin is free of stuff that doesn't belong there. Hooray!

Full frontal of the cage, showing the fixing bolt at the back, and the silver tape protecting the cut edges of the cage and the panel - cut to make space for the exhaust pipe,

Just the wiring of the controller to go...


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