09 March 2021

Heater project: heat at last!

We plan our sailing trip with Steve and Chrissy to take in Cygnet, arriving there the Tuesday after the long weekend. The engineer leaves a message for Dieselheat on Monday night, and they reply on Tuesday morning when we are all still in bed, enjoying a lie-in. We rapidly arise, dress, remove everything from the shed for the umpteenth time, and then the captain goes ashoare in the dinghy to collect Juan from Dieselheat.

He's very interested to see the final installation, and in no time he has the whole system working. We have a celebratory coffee before taking Juan back, then organising ourselves to go ashore and into Cygnet for lunch. Steve and Peter walk up to Dieselheat to purchase a controller of our own, which means we can now reset the system if we ever need to. 

When things cool down in the evening, we turn the system on and yes! we have heat. We also still have a tiny leak, but Steve goes to work on the hose clamps and it's fixed. As he says, his "tight" is different from the engineer's "tight".

Captain and mate celebrate the completion of the project with hot showers before bed.


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