02 March 2021

Heater project: final tasks

Hopefully for the last time, the drawers are removed from the chart table. This time everything on the chart table has to move as well, so that the engineer (now wearing his electrician hat rather than his plumber's boots) can connect up switches and wires to the fans in the outlet registers (heat exchangers).
Here's a picture of what now lurks behind and under the chart table drawers.
The sweeping loops of PEX hose behind the chart table drawers....

...going down to the bypass manifold,
from which the black hoses go to the outlet register.
By evening, all the electrical connections are completed and checked, and we're ready to turn on the diesel, fill the pipes with fluid and test the whole system. The mate suggests that things like seats and drawers are not replaced until after the water has been put in, just in case we have any leaks. The engineer is confident, but agrees that this is a sensible precaution. A hose is rigged from the deck through the lazarette and into the back of the shed. The mate goes up on deck with bucket, jug and funnel, and starts pouring water in. After a couple of litres it becomes apparent we have a leak somewhere in the connections near the burner. The search for the cause is postponed until after dinner, when the engineer turns back into plumber modus operandi and goes back to tightening hose clamps everywhere. We decide not to retest until the morning, when it will be easier to see if there is any water still escaping.


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