28 February 2021

Heater project: fuel and exhaust connection

Sunday am
Engineer connects the exhaust to the burner, and is happy with result.
Love the curve in that exhaust pipe
Mate is getting the washing done at the club laundry while he works. She returns to find the boat reeking of diesel and an engineer trying to connect the fuel line, frustrated because one of the fittings purchased for the job is the wrong size. Mate performs acrobatic feats to come down to the cabin (the companionway steps are out) so she can help with the cleanup and with plugging the fuel filter outlet that was to be used to connect.
The white object labelled Yanmar top left is the engine fuel filter
where the fuel feed for the burner is to beconnected
Sunday pm
Fuel connection can't be completed until shops open tomorrow.
Engineer turns his mind from plumbing to electrical connection.
He thinks that will be straightforward. The mate is not so sure. Here is the wiring...
Electrician is undaunted, says it's "just a harness"


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