27 February 2021

Heater project: connecting continues

Hoses connected to the manifold at the burner which controls the balance of flow between HWS and heating system.

Th manifold is the collection of pipes and blue valve handles

All chart table drawers are removed (again). Second outlet register connected, with bypass manifold under the bottom drawer. All chart table drawers put back (again).

While the engineer is plumbing, the mate has the job of vacuuming all the sawdust from under the cabin sole. While the floor is up she cleans out lots more age-old dust and grime.

The galley foot pump started playing up today so after dinner and some rubbish television, the cook clears out the undersink cupboard so that the engineer can fix the pump, which means he spends yet more time lying on the floor. Once done, cook restores the cupboard contents.
Life seems to be an endless succession of taking things out and putting them back again at the moment.


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